November 2019

In widely reported articles, the rumor seemed to have some teeth. As reported "The "Fast and Furious" franchise seems to have done it all after churning out eight movies in the span of nearly 20 years. "The Fate of the Furious" director F. Gary Gray has spoken about how heading into space would ramp up the ninth movie but actor Tyrese Gibson wants something else to happen. So, what will "Fast and Furious 9" be about?" This excerpt comes from an article written in 2017, but if you Google the topic, you'll see that there are many reports suggesting that it was being considered. But what's really happening? As of late 2019, we have already seen footage on social media of the production taking place in England, Tblisi (Georgia, previously part of the USSR) and other places. In October 2019, they were filming at Irwindale speedway. I received multiple reports and even photos of NASCAR style cars at the speedway. This suggests that there will be a flashback scene to when Dom's father was killed at a "stock car" event. Further reports of parts being ordered for a red FD RX7 suggest that we may get a glimpse of the RX7 back when