John Cena Joins Fast & Furious 9

John Cena Joins Fast & Furious 9

It’s official, folks: John Cena is in per a Tweet he made in early June, 2019.  What does this mean for the storyline? That’s anyone’s guess, at this point although die-hard fans of the franchise are praying to God that the franchise will move away from the James Bond bullshit and get back to its roots: the car culture.

I wrote about this back in September 2018 – Read it HERE – but I have to think that Vin Diesel is smart enough to listen to feedback from fans.

I also have a hunch that the franchise is still struggling to close the unanswered questions about Brian’s character. I’m hoping that in the last movie, Fast 10, we get some closure.  I truly believe the franchise has to come full circle and as we’ve learned from other lessons in Hollywood, that often means passing it on to the next generation. Since Dom and Brian’s characters both have kids, it would be great to see their passion for cars passed along to those kids in some way.

Whether that wil happen or not is anyone’s guess, but even if it’s the last few minutes of the last movie, I think that would be a giant “thank you” to all of the fans who stuck by the franchise after the dark years of FF4-FF6.  For many people, the franchise was over after Tokyo Drift and by bringing back some focus on the car culture would go a long way to making amends.

What Does Cena Bring to the Franchise?

New blood, for starters. The franchise is great at attracting amazing and interesting actors and actresses and turning them into characters that elicit a strong response with audiences, one way or another.

Best known for his role as Agent Burns in BumbleBee, his acting credits aren’t exactly a radical departure from his WWE persona. I suppose that will make his tough-guy role seem pretty natural to audiences, so I’m going to predict that he doesn’t get the nod at the Oscars for Best Supporting Actor. None of that matters, because even Vin Diesel doesn’t have his own theme song.


To me, this proves that Vin Diesel is taking his role seriously as a Producer and is listening to audiences who want the franchise to be fresh, but not forget its roots. Here’s praying to God that the cars that made the franchise what it is today make a comeback.