Brian's 1995 Eclipse

This car was originally owned by John Lapid. When John bought it, it was originally dark green. He then painted it silver. When Universal rented it from John, they painted it Kawasaki Green. The car is now in a car museum in Tennessee.

Engine Specs

Mitsubishi 2.0: DOHC 420a Engine (Rebuilt)
75hp Nitrous Oxide System (never fully installed, only for show)
HotShot header
Injen cold air intake
Bored-out throttle body
Upgraded spark plug wires

Note: What you’ve been reading on the internet and in Eddie Paul’s book is wrong. This car was NOT a 4G63 motor, it was NOT turbocharged and it did NOT make 220hp.


RoboCar full body kit
Custom fabbed lower front splitter (carbon – not used in the movie)
APR GT2- style rear wing
Custom roof-scoop (not functional)
Carbon fiber race-style mirrors
1997 headlights
Kawasaki green paint


Axis Model Se7en Wheel, 18″ (as used in the movie)
ADR M-Classic 19″ wheels (not used in the movie)
AEM cross drilled front brake rotors
Stock 5-speed gearbox
Tanabe SS springs
Energy Suspension bushings


Custom black and gray suede upholstery
Custom made A-Pillar gauge mount pod
Custom made passenger dash 3-gauge holder
VDO tachometer
VDO fuel gauge
VDO temperature gauge
VDO volt gauge
MonkeyBars custom made roll cage (not used in the movie)
Auto Indulgence neon green lights
Sparco pedal covers
Sparco shift knob


Alpine CVA 1005 head unit TV/DVD
Sony Mids and Tweeters
Two Sony amps
Two Sony 8″ woofers in a custom panel where the back seats used to be


140 Horsepower (at the crank) without nitrous
0-60 in 8.9 seconds (on 19 inch street tires)
¼ mile in 16.4 seconds at 84 mph
Top speed = 130 mph