1999 Honda S2000

Rented from RJ DeVera, this car served as the Hero car for Johnny Tran. Three replicas were built for the first movie. For the second movie, the replicas were reused and repainted to serves as Suki's car.

Engine Specs
Comptech Novi Supercharger
4 into 1 header
HKS exhaust
80 Nitrous system

Veilside Millennium body kit and Wing


Toyo T1R Proxes 225/40/18 at all four corners
Motegi Wheels 18 x 8.5






295 Horsepower without nitrous (370 (est) with nitrous
0-60 in 5.4 seconds (on 18 inch street tires)
0-100 in 12/9 seconds (on 18 inch street tires)
¼ mile in 13.7 seconds at 101 mph
Top speed = 155 mph
Skidpad =.79 g’s

Curb weight = 3,845 lbs.

This car confuses many people. This largely stems from the fact that the S2000s we acquired for the FIRST movie were re-used for the SECOND movie.


The story goes like this:

The Hero 1 car for Johnny Tran was owned by RJ DeVera (who also played Danny Yamato – the young guy driving the white Civic in the four-way race in the first movie.


RJ bought the car before the movie and it was originally black.


After he got the car BACK from Universal, he painted it a bluish-purple color.  Some time later, he freshened the car’s look by painting it orange.


The car was soon after sold to Universal for use in 2 Fast 2 Furious for Suki. It was then painted pink.


Eventually, the car went to the Peteresen Automotive Museum in Losa Angeles, California, where it lives today (as of June 2019). I do not know if it was sold, loaned or donated to the Petersen musuem.