The Heist Civics

These black Honda Civics were used in the first film's heist sequences. We had various model years including 1993s and 1994s. Three were Civic DXs and one was an EX (w/sunroof)

Engine Specs

As you can see in the pictures above, there are no sunroofs on these cars. As such, they are DX trim levels. None of our Civics had engine mods because they weren’t needed and we didn’t have the budget.  Since the exhaust systems were hidden behind the rear body kits (mostly), we used $50 Ebay universal mufflers.


Here are the specs on the DX Civics:

DX Sedan: 1.5 Liter, 102-hp, 16-Valve Engine with Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), Power Steering, 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension, 5-Speed Manual or 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions.


Cars were all painted factory black for the 1994 model year.
Body kits were the VIS GT Bomber Kit. (LINK)
The rear wing was a Veilside style Kombat dual deck universal spoiler (you’ll have to search that yourself)
Green neon lighting was by Street Glow


Axis Neo Wheels (17×7)
Yokohame tires


No mods inside


Don’t expect mind-blowing stats here. These cars were considered “disposable” by the production team. We bought them used and in rough shape. They just needed to survive a couple weeks of filming.

102hp-125hp (depending on whether we’re talking about the DX or the EX).
0-60 in 9.9 seconds – maybe
0-100 in 2-3 days
¼ mile in 18.0 seconds at 65 mph
Top speed = 108 mph

I can understand that Civics of this age range are still somewhat popular, but in the USA, that time has passed. But, back in 2000, Civics were EVERYWHERE and many of them were very well modified. We picked these cars for this role because we knew they would be received well by younger tuner audiences.


What happened to these cara after the movie?


The cars had a rough life during filming. They were on and off trailers many times. Since they didn’t need to be pretty, they were pretty neglected.


After the movie, they were stored at a warehouse in Newhall/Saugus, California, at the old Newhall Glass building. They sat there for months. When I inspected them in 2002, they were dirty and neglected.


When we started filming 2 Fast 2 Furious, we needed filler cars. We resurrected these cars and gave them fresh paint jobs (thanks to House of Kolor) and new body kits (thanks to Bomex).


You can see these cars in the warehouse scramble scene about 2/3rds of the way through the movie. They were all driven by stunt drivers in that scene.


When we wrapped filming, the cars came back to California.  After that, they fell off the map.


Presumably, they were sold at auctions over time, and then re-sold perhaps severaltimes over. I’ve never seen one on auction sites since 2005 so my guess is they were used up and discarded by their new owners. Some of these cars likey had five or more owners in their lives.


Ultimately, these cars didn’t get much love on screen beyond the first move and I can tell you that the production crew members weren’t very fond of them. Still, they struck a chord with fans from around the globe.