The Debate That Still Rages: The Supra vs Charger Race In the race at the end of the first movie, there was a lot going on behind the scenes. To understand who won the Supra vs Charger race, we have to set the stage so you understand it all.   For starters, the two cars NEVER ACTUALLY RACED. When you're

While Vince (played by Matt Schulze) made an appearance in Fast Five, but he's not the only one missing. So what happened to Jesse, Vince and Leon? Let's find out.   Matt's Career I met Matt on the set of the first movie. Since he was driving my Maxima, we exchanged some pleasantries at on-set a few times. I didn't

How Tokyo Drift Was Filmed in Los Angeles One of the more fascinating stories of the Fast and Furious franchise was how Tokyo Drift was filmed in Los Angeles. Most people thought we really did go Tokyo to capture these scenese but in reality, the difficulty of getting filming permits plus the complicated (and expensive) logistics, coupled with