Fast 10 and Fast 11 Approved

Fast 10 and Fast 11 Approved

Fast and Furious 10 and Fast 11 Approved


It should be no secret that the Fast and Furious will be going into a tenth installment – I’ve been saying this for years. But now it seems, an eleventh film will wrap the franchise as we know it. 

We’ve known for many years that the Fast and Furious movies would likely go all the way to a tenth film – Vin Diesel has long had the option written into his contract, according to sources.

However, getting to “Fast 10,”  will be meaningful symbolically. Diesel recalls a 2013 interview in London with Walker, whom Diesel refers to as “my brother Pablo,” before his co-star’s death: “He was always tickled by the fact that we were continuing. He was always so excited and so proud that his brother was thinking of these films before the studio, and even before anyone knew that there was another one coming and another one coming and that the stories had been worked out for him. He took great pride in that.”

During the interview, Diesel says Walker asked him, “Vin, how many more do you think there will be?” Diesel’s response: “The question is, is it seven, eight, nine, or seven, eight, nine, 10?”

“And I remember this giant smile on his face like, ‘What?! That’s impossible!’ But later that night we were talking, and I promised him that we would get to that point.”


Where are these movies going?

We don’t know because as I write this, we’re still months away from the release of Fast 9 which has been delayed because of COVID-19. 

We DO know that in Fast 9, they are going into space. I’m not suggesting that the movie will take place partly in space, or mostly in space, what I’m guessing that there is a scene where one or more characters wind up in low Earth orbit or just momentarily entering space. My educated guess is that it has something to do with the “Space place” we see in the fast 9 trailer. 

You can see the space plane in the last minute or so of the official Fast 9 trailer. 


Is Street Racing Coming Back to Fast and Furious 10?

It is highly unlikely that street racing will make a comeback in any substantial way in Fast and Furious 10  beyond maybe a short scene that might be a flashback or a real time short drag race. Universal has long abandoned street racing themes because the math unequivocally proves that action movies sell movie tickets, racing movies do not. 

Here is an article snippet from Deadline, dating back to 2011. (Link to the full article)