King’s Corner

How to build a Fast and Furious car. Step 1: Choose Your Favorite The first step is to buy the car. Which car depends on your budget. Iconic Japanese cars like the GTR, Supra, Rx7, NSX and S2000’s are the best choices, but they're expensive. That alone is typically a barrier to entry for some people. These cars are appreciating in value rapidly but they're a good investment if you can get past the initial purchase price. Alternatively the Integras, 
Civics, Mitsubishi Evos, Eclipses, Skyline GTS/GTTs, or S14-S15 or even 240SXs are options. These are more reasonably priced and don’t require out laying your entire budget to just to get into one.The lower initial price is a big reason why there are so many replicas using these platforms, as most people don't have the money to build a true replica. Even if you have opted for the reasonably price car doesn’t mean it’s going to be a cheap build.     Step 2: Scour the World for Parts Two of the most critical components in the build are two of the most expensive: the wheels and the wing. Just finding these parts will take weeks, months or years – you won't find these parts in any store, anywhere