Best Fast and Furious Supra Replica In The World Have you ever wondered what happened to Brian's (Paul Walker's) orange Supra? Well, It was sold by Craig Lieberman and shipped out of America years ago. Since then, many replicas of this famous Supra have been built by fans all over the world. Some of them are close to the real thing, others are really better described as "tribute" cars. There's a place for both in society, but I wanted mine to stand out. I knew it would be an expensive and complex undertaking. In 2015 or so, a screen-used stunt Supra fetched $185,000 USD. That's a hefty some for a stunt car that Paul never even touched, but that car cannot be confused with Craig Lieberman's original Supra which served as the "Hero 1"  car (aka "1st Unit Principle") Hero1 is the primary, completely finished and accessorized movie car used by Paul Walker. All of the detail shots and beauty shots of the Supra in the movie are done using the Hero 1 car. While it would be great to have the original car on American soil, that car now resides in The Netherlands and has been there since 2003. It's not likely