February 2019

It's always fun to talk about what kind of car you want. I remember being 16 years old and dreaming of the car my parents would buy me when I got my driver's license. I dreamt of a Corvette, a 240Z or maybe a 1969 Boss Mustang. Instead, this is what I got. A 1981 Isuzu I-Mark four door sedan. Of course, I modified it, but as is the case whenever you put lipstick on a pig, you end up with shit. And this car was shit, despite¬†spending $5,000 on the paint, parts and stereo. I could've had an epics 240Z with that kind of money.     Over the years and through my experiences of owning more than 40 cars, I learned a valuable lesson: never, EVER spend GOOD money on a mediocre car. What do I mean by that? Let's say you wanted a V8 Mustang, but because of your budget and insurance costs, you can only afford a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinders. Don't spend money on that car trying to make it faster because you'll end up spending the money that you COULD HAVE used to buy a better car

Why The New MKV Supra is Not For Me Another question I often get is "what do I think of the new Supra?"¬† In short, it's a giant disappointment to some and I'm about to tell you why in my MKV review. While I'd like to have given a more in-depth MKV review, doing so would not be possible without driving it. Since I haven't had that opportunity yet, I'll reserve my review of driving dynamics until I've had the chance to do so. In the interim, this MKV review focuses on expectations vs. what we've seen so far.   Since the MKIV was released, 25 years have passed. So many of its brethren have been reborn or have evolved during this period. The Acura NSX made a comeback a few years ago and while it was a bit less than what people expected, recent updates have made it a worthy successor the legendary NSX of days gone by. The Nissan GT-R has been the car that most people think of as the Supra's arch rival. In 2008, the GT-R shocked the world with blistering Nurburgring lap times and a sub three second 0-60 time. Since then, it continues to get better, with the latest