March 2019

For me, the Mach 5 from the Speed Race cartoon is what got me into cars. Ever since I laid eyes on that car, every car I bought or built had to have key elements from the Mach 5 - a wrap around cockpit, lots of buttons, lots of gauges, lots of power and sleek styling. I've spent my entire adult life living this dream. Buying a movie car sounds like a dream come true for most people and, for the most part, it can be. But before you rush out to find one, there's a lot you should know.   Don't Start Shopping Until You Actually Have Money To put this nicely, nothing is more ridiculous than going to the grocery store with no money in your bank account and no idea of what you want. Yet I get dozens of message per week from hapless people who feel it's ok to waste their time (and mine, apparently) asking vague questions as to what movie cars are available for sale. If you walk in to a car dealership with no idea of what you want and no way to pay, you're going to get tossed out. If you want my help, I'll provide it