December 2018

One of the most notable aspects of the franchise has to be those "fast and furious" sound effects. I wrote in another blog post (you can read it here ) as to how the engine sounds were done, but here's an excerpt of an interview [Written by Tim Walston for Designing Sound] back in April of 2011. This article explains the tricks used to get some of the sounds of the action sequences. Creating unique fast and furious style sound effects took the work of many talented "foley" artists. "Action movies are pure sonic playgrounds. The busier the scene, and crazier the action, the more opportunities we have with sound to enhance the experience for the audience. But with that opportunity comes the responsibility to clarify the action, and focus the audience’s attention. We want to thrill the moviegoers, not pummel them with audio. As sound professionals, it’s our job to bring to the mix all the elements we think are needed. A great mixer then sorts through the dialog, music and all the sound effects to find the perfect balance from moment to moment. The ultimate authority, in the end, is the director. Rob Cohen makes movies that are great for