August 2022

Top Car Security Tips   Having a solid level of car security is essential for every car owner. According to recent stats, around 56,000 car thefts happened between 2020 and 2021. At the same time, there were about half a million vehicle thefts. This means the belongings inside the car were stolen as well. Since a car is expensive, owners need to go the extra mile when investing in its security. Below, we have mentioned a few tips to improve your car security: ●     Prevent Keyless Theft Keyless entry/start has become a convenient feature for many cars in the modern world. While it is usually helpful, the keyless entry has its drawbacks too. Thieves can break into your car easily without your knowledge. Since most criminals work in pairs, you never know about their next move. They can easily hijack the car signals, diverting them to the nearest accomplice. Use a signal-blocking device when taking your car out for a ride. ●     Use a Car Tracker A GPS tracker is of good help when knowing the whereabouts of your car. Especially if a friend or a loved one has borrowed it for a while, using the GPS tracker will help you understand the exact location of your vehicle. Almost

How Brands Can Market Their Products in Movies   Movies have a great impact on human psychology. They influence our attitudes and buying decisions. Marketers know this, hence the popularity of product placement today. Statistics show that companies’ global spending on product placement reached $23 billion in 2021. This figure is expected to go up further as more marketers continue to cut down on traditional advertising expenditure. But you need a great strategy to succeed at product placement. Your audience may have the wrong interpretation if the movie storyline doesn’t align with the product. According to one study, pairing the right product with a successful movie can bring up to 89% ROI. Here are four tips brands can use to market their products in movies. 1.   Know Your Audience Movies are categorized into genres. Different genres appeal to different people based on specific demographics like age and gender. For instance, many men love action movies and are more comfortable watching horror films than women. Some movies also appeal more to older people than the younger generation. Know your target audience before you approach any movie marketing agency to get your product featured in a film. Viewers will remember your brand more if the product aligns with