November 2022

Yes, another article about home security tips. Most of you know that I'm into cars. To me, the cars I own or have owned have been very cherished.  Today, now in my 50's, nothing is more cherished than the safety of my family. When we moved to guard-gated community in South Orange County. We felt quite a bit safer than we would have felt in unguarded community.  Nevertheless, we bought and installed state of the art alarm systems , replete with sensors, cameras, motion sensors, touch sensors. We then reinforced every door, changed all the door hardware and installed additional restraints on every window and every door. We are currently adding shatter-proof mylar film on every exterior window. Short of Claymore mines and hidden bunkers with overlapping fields of fire, we've done about as much we could without getting carried away. There are multiple cameras inside and outside,. Virtually every angle of approach to an edoor or window is covered by cameras, My circuit breaker panel is also padlocked and my home alarm system has a backup battery system. My side gates are padlocked, 24 hours a day.  My gardener and pool guy have to knock on my door so I can let them in (I